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Download some of Forshia's best messages.

The wilderness is a picture of life’s trials and sufferings. We are not immune to these, but they need not hinder our faith. Yes, roll out the red carpet for the coming of the Lord in your life!

Straightening Out the Crooked Places
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Understanding the Struggle Between Your Mind, Will, and Emotions…

God desires to heal. Let Him untangle the mystery. Surprise bonus inside cover.

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As Forshia speaks you will sense the goodness and sweetness of the Lord! She invites you to experience the bountifulness of God's intentions toward those who take the time to study His word.
Let's Take a Trip to Bountiful
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I have chosen some very specific powerful tools below that will help you think differently about yourself, implement change in your life and encourage you. Don't give up! These resources will set you free. More are coming.

How to be holy without hardly trying.

Free MP3 download. Just click on the title.