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Overcoming Depression Resources

God led me to your book

I have been incarcerated here in State Prison for two years now and for those two years I have been very depressed and angry at God. But God bless you sister Ross, I've read your book twice already and read the Prayer for Salvation at the end, and my anger with God is gone, my depression is gone and that's why I write you this letter... to thank you. I went to the library here and out of the hundreds of books in the library; God led me to your book. It wasn't a coincidence. I reconciled my life to Jesus once again. It was all in God's plan, hallelujah!

Ernesto - Massachusetts

Overcoming Depression Products

Workbook, Strong's Concordance, No Secondhand Rose T-Shirt, Mercy Came Just In Time DVD, Seed Packet, Rose Pen. *Specify shirt size. An extra surprise is often included.

It's In The Bag


Specify TShirt Sizes

Discover your worth and value to God. Replete with questions at the end of each chapter to help you evaluate where you are in your own journey. God has not forgotten your name.

No Secondhand Rose

Book with Companion Journal

This journal will help you have a place to answer the questions at the end of each chapter. Makes a great gift for someone you know is struggling.

Book with Journal
From Ashes to Roses takes you on a personal progressive journey of healing through the scriptures with music by prophetic singer and pianist Craig Perkins.
From Ashes to Rose


You see, what God wants to do with us is something like restoring fine antique furniture. God has the power to help you start over again.

Forgiveness to Restoration

Forshia shares her testimony of abortion and God's forgiveness and how He used this experience to bring hope and healing to someone in the church. We can't stay in the past.

Created for Double Blessings

You can experience God’s life-changing, all encompassing forgiveness. Christ’s death, burial and resurrection have made it possible! A powerful story of forgiveness.

The Miracle of Forgiveness

Eighteen of the best of Forshia's radio program. These two-minute, bite-size programs are just enough to inspire you in your daily walk and introduce you to a God that will encourage you.

Eighteen Sound Bites

Overcoming Depression Workshop

My workshops are life changing and provide tools with lasting results. Listen to this testimony from Susie.

Coming Soon...Online Overcoming Depression Workshop!