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Resources that heal, renew, and empower you.

“It was like you had come right into my living room and was speaking directly to me. I've listened to others but none ever affected me like you did. ”

Julia – Providence

Our Store

Our products are meant to help you identify where you are in your struggles and empower you to move forward in the abundant life that Jesus desires for you. Thank you from the bottom of our heart for your purchase!

4 CDs
Contenting for the Crown of Life
Clothed in Righteousness
Effortless Holiness
All Consuming Fire
Going Deeper Volume I

4 CDs

Cultivating a Thankful Heart
Expect a Miracle
Leading with Purpose
Got Oil?
Going Deeper Volume II

4 CDs

Have you heard it all? These simple but profound teachings will bring clarity and understanding to an often complex subject.

Whose Battle Is It, Anyway?
3 CDs

It’s Time to Cross Over! Forshia will equip you with the necessary tools to take this journey to your Promised Land.

Stones of Remembrance

Overcoming Depression Products

Workbook, Strong's Concordance, No Secondhand Rose *T-Shirt, Mercy Came Just In Time DVD, Seed Packet, Rose Pen & Tote. *Specify shirt size. An extra surprise is often included.

It's In the Bag


Specify TShirt Sizes

Discover your worth and value to God. Questions at the end of each chapter to help you evaluate where you are in your own journey. God has not forgotten your name.

No Secondhand Rose

Book with Companion Journal

This journal will help you have a place to answer the questions at the end of each chapter. Makes a great gift for someone you know is struggling.

Book with Journal


 Are you struggling with depression, addictions, failed relationships? A continuation of No Secondhand Rose in searching for the Promised Land.

The Wilderness Shall...

From Ashes to Roses takes you on a personal progressive journey of healing through the scriptures with music by prophetic singer and pianist Craig Perkins. 

From Ashes to Roses

Forshia helps you understand the struggle between the mind, will, and emotions concerning healing. She will bring a greater understanding and simplicity to this common struggle.

3 CDs

Considered by many to be Faith's Hall of Fame, Forshia shares dynamic truths from Hebrews Chapter 11 that will empower you to run your race.

Running the Race


You will become aware of the crafty nature of our enemy, the devil, and be delivered from Satanic strongholds. A powerful little booklet.

Watch Out for Snakes

Dynamic principles that will begin to break negative family patterns. You can have incredible breakthroughs! This is my most popular booklet.

Breaking Negative Cycles

Given at a Cape Cod Conference on the power of words. Do you know how powerful your words are? Don't underestimate the power of a woman who is trusting her God.

The Power of a Woman

God is a protecting, guiding, and a drawing force in your life. Inspiring and uplifting message touching on the struggles of abuse in the home and how one can be caught in the middle.

Banqueting Table

Forshia will be the first to tell you that she did not think she could be a Godly woman. She thought that holiness was for those that always got it right. But Jesus got it right so that we could!

Called to Holiness
2 CDs

Strength comes as you learn to walk by what God’s Word says and not by what is happening around you. You can be happy in your house.

Is Anybody Happy?

Forshia shares her testimony of abortion and God's forgiveness and how He used this experience to bring hope and healing to someone in the church. We can't stay in the past.

Created for Double Blessings

You can experience God’s life-changing, all encompassing forgiveness. Christ’s death, burial and resurrection have made it possible! A powerful story of forgiveness.

The Miracle of Forgiveness

3 CDs

What we hear begins with wisdom. What we say gives us away. What we believe is evidenced by carrying God's promises to their fulfillment.

A Woman of Faith

6 CDs

Come along with Forshia Ross in this exciting adventure as she teaches on the book of James. Given by invitation to a Messianic Congregation.

The Pursuit of Joy

2 CDs

 A Biblical in depth dynamic study on the weapons of dancing and shouting. This is Spiritual Warfare at its finest. Unique and powerful.

Shouting & Dancing

You see, what God wants to do with us is something like restoring fine antique furniture. God has the power to help you start over again.

Forgiveness to Restoration

3 CDs

We are moving into an hour of a great harvest of souls. Signs in the heavens and earth sets the stage for hearts to be turned to the Lord. Are you ready?

Ready for the Harvest?

3 Albums–10 CDs

• The Kingdom Heart

• 3 Keys to the Kingdom

• Kingdom Weapons

The Kingdom is where destiny resides.

Kingdom Heart Series

Do you wonder why you are where you are? Do you struggle with wanting to bail out and jump ship? You will be encouraged and empowered to stay right where God has planted you.

Available only as a Bundle. Click button below to view and purchase Bloom Bundle

View Bloom Bundle

Whose reflection do you see in the mirror each morning? Yours or God’s?  It’s time you take another look in the mirror and see that God loves you. You can reflect His nature! 

Made in the Image of God

Spoken at a seminar in DC, Forshia shares how God can use unusual talents. Using her love of crafts, she shares how one of her crafts saved a pastor from quitting his ministry.

Clowning Around for Jesus